“The #endotaspa HQ team got together and flourished this week with the @greenestreetjuice cleanse. Feeling energised, powerful and grateful. We are ready to take on the world.”

Endota Spa HQ Team

“ Stocking up on the best pressed juices in Melbourne. @greenestreetjuice keeping me super nourished, healthy and happy.”

Ashley Hart | Model

“ My fave Melbourne juice bar.”

Megan Gale | Model + Actor

"@greenestreetjuice your juices are amazing. Making me feel fresh."

Isabelle Cornish | Actor + Model

"I'm completely blown away at how delicious these Juices are! Easiest cleanse I've ever done."

Olympia Valance | Actor

"Obsessed with these juices."

Molly Smith | My Style; Molly Smith

"Whiter eyes, clearer skin, cleaner insides! Coming to the end of my 3 day juice cleanse!! Takes discipline & I'm looking forward to chewing again : - ) but feeling good baby & full of gratitude & juicy goodness! @greenestreetjuice I love you."

Katie Declase (@glutenfreelance) | Writer and Recipe Developer

"...Cold Pressed Juice is the next big thing and Greene Street Juice is leading the pack. It's juice elixirs are packed with beneficial nutrients, including healthy oils and herbs, giving your body a heap of the good stuff..."

Smudge Eats

"I have just completed the 3 day cleanse and it was nothing short of brilliant, super easy, effective, exhilarating, awakening and did I mention super easy!...There is no doubt that I feel lighter and most certainly brighter...thank you for all your research, hard work and impeccable service that delivers probably the best 'health kick' I have ever tried and I have done a few."

Karen | artrooms.com.au

"What a way to reset the body coming into winter, a time when you can shift into "cozy" mode. I haven't felt this clear, balanced and focused since pre-fatherhood. Ever so slowly you don't realise that you allow "a little bit of this and that" into the diet in a bid not to restrict yourself but once you clear out the unnecessary, making way for what the body needs to run at full capacity, you remember what it feels like to be super clean again. Awesome work Greene Street."

Kane Johnson | Sano Health

"What the cleanse has done for me, apart from allowing me to detox and lose some weight, is establish a new relationship with my eating habits. I am excited about going forward and eating less out of habit and committing to fresh produce and healthy food...I feel clear, clean and like my digestive fire is strong."

Jonni Pollard | Meditation Teacher and co-founder 1 Giant Mind

"My energy went through the roof after the third day. Incredible. This is because ketosis occurs. You start producing energy through your ketones instead of your liver...By switching your carbohydrate intake during your cleanse, you have switched your body over from glucose being its primary source of energy to fat. Different type of energy. Longer lasting in my opinion, and purified. And the clarity. Clarity is fierce..."

Firass Dirani | Actor

" Kudos to the @greenestreetjuice team for not only tasty juice & smoothies but a structured program with guidelines, regular contact, plenty of info and support each day. 10/10."

Rod Favola | Founder Narcotic Nutrition

"I am feeling amazing. I'm leaner, I have more energy, my skin is great & my digestion has improved significantly...Would I do it again? Yes. At least twice a year."

Michael Ramsey | Functional Trainer, Owner F45 - Port Melb, South Yarra, Ascot Vale, Darwin, Owner - Remedy Yoga

"Game won! 14 days, 6.5kg down, improved sleep, attention, focus, mood and skin. The healthy man cleanse has been a great experience for both me and my son...Thanks to the whole @greenestreetjuice team for the support & guidance throughout the program."

Peter Ramsey | Founder and Director, GLP Group

"I feel amazing! just 14 days to find a better version of myself. One of the biggest effects I have noticed is the mental clarity and energy...I would definitely recommend the Healthy man program to anyone looking to give themselves the best possible care available."

Dustin Brown | Founder, Warrior One Yoga

"I did this because as lean and as fit as I've always been, my diet is reasonably rich in refined sugar, I've had my fair share of big nights in my time and thought a detox and a challenge like this would be good for me and it certainly was. The energy and focus I got from this was incredible. I had long, stressful days with early starts yet has as much, if not more, energy - yet had no coffee or sugar...This may have been my first, but won't be my last cleanse. I recommend the Greene Street Healthy Man Cleanse to all the guys out there. It's been an amazing eye opener."

Nic Davidson | Tech and Health Entrepreneur