Greene Street Juice Co. has quickly become one of Melbourne’s key destinations on the wellness scene, capturing the attention of those looking for quality and integrity in product and design. Health is important to us. That is why we use only 100% organic ingredients and glass packaging. Think better, feel better and look better as you chase your dreams [without compromise to you or the Earth].


QUALITY IN EVERYTHING WE DO We take great pride in offering you our products and with this comes a significant sense of service and duty to honour your mind, body and spirit. We promise to use the best processes and products when serving our elixirs.

EXQUISITE TASTE First things first. You can trust us to make your healthy juice fix enjoyable too. Check out Press + Raves to hear what others are saying about our elixirs.   

COLD-PRESSED JUICING TECHNOLOGY Cold pressed juice is the most superior-quality juice available. The process extracts pure life force energy without producing heat or oxidizing the produce. It is hands down the most efficient way to deliver enzymes, oxygen and vitamins directly into the blood stream. Ready for life.

100% ORGANIC INGREDIENTS The number 1 rule of a genuine, healthy juice. We don't believe in serving you a bottle of concentrated, cold pressed chemicals. Pesticides and herbicides are no good for anyone. They contaminate the soil, water and air. Washing conventional produce just doesn't cut it. These toxins seep into produce from the inside out as the produce grows. We don’t ever accept a serve of chemical cocktail with our pure living juice elixirs [and neither should you].

GLASS PACKAGING Plastic bottles have become an environmental catastrophe. Most plastic bottles are just used once and then thrown away - the problem with plastic, however, is there is no "away". The impact on wildlife, the environment and the potential to harm human health are only now becoming clear. Glass is a 100% endlessly recyclable material – made from sand and other natural mineral components. We couldn’t think of a better home for our organic juice elixirs. Far superior than chemically produced plastic packaging.

ORGANIC HERBAL EXTRACTS No ordinary juice. We use a combination of organic herbal extracts, medicinal grade essential oils and consciously sourced super foods to bring you exquisite elixirs: delicious, genuine, functional and healthy (for real).

RAW We do not pasteurize our elixirs, as doing so kills the fragile vitamins, minerals and live enzymes we diligently cold press to preserve.

EARTH & COMMUNITY We strive to do everything in our power to follow environmentally friendly practices to reduce the impact on the environment through our business operations.

SUPPORT We see you, and you are amazing! You have your own unique needs and goals. We appreciate that no one customer is exactly the same and provide you with the support to choose the best products for your life; your style and sustainable success.