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Sip mindfully + repeat, "I am unstoppable"

Enlightening Liberty

Activate + Energise


100% organic // Filtered Water, Lemon, Orange, Coconut Sugar, Cayenne Pepper, Green Tea Leaf Herbal Extract

[Green tea-leaf extract has been linked to metabolism boosting and fat burning and hosts a powerful concentration of anti-oxidants

Cayenne Pepper: metabolism booster] 

Metabolism booster // Fat burner // Alkalise // Shift Fluid Retention



We have supercharged an age-old spicy metabolism boosting formula, with the addition of Green Tea-Leaf Herbal Extract - a modern age powerful metabolism booster and fat burner. A truly unique and special elixir. Just like you.

Designed to correspond with your inner fire [Solar Plexus Chakra], which relates to the body's metabolism.     

Use yellow energy to feel vibrant, energetic & prosperous.


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