Sip mindfully + repeat, "I am light and free"

Gotham City

Deep Detox


100% organic // Filtered Water, Medicinal Grade Activated Coconut Charcoal, Lemon, Peppermint Essential Oil

[Medicinal grade activated charcoal: made from coconut shells. A highly absorbent natural detoxifier that clings onto toxins, chemicals, cholesterol and other dangerous substances to excrete them from the body]

Deep detox // Morning flush // Hangover cure

Darker than Gotham City, this elixir is a major detoxifier.  Medicinal grade activated charcoal is known as the best single detoxifier for whole body cleansing.

Keep well hydrated when taking this elixir.

May react with some medications. Please consult with your healthcare practitioner if you are taking medication. 


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