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Immunity Bundle 4 Pack


Show those nasty bugs who's boss with our top 4 immunity elixirs!

Immunity bundle includes:

1. Chef Pete Evans Paleo Way Sunshine Mylk [Immunity, Soothe + Rejuvenate] // filtered water, activated cashews, activated macadamias, turmeric, maple syrup, vanilla powder, native mountain pepper, cardamom essential oil, cinnamon essential oil

2. Greene Spice [Soothe + Glow] // celery, cucumber, lemon, aloe vera, ginger, mint, turmeric, matcha green tea powder

3. The High Line [Immunity + Glow] // orange, carrot, ginger, turmeric, matcha green tea  

4. The Bronx [Liver Detox + Energy] // carrot, beet, lemon, ginger, flaxseed oil, rosemary essential oil, burdock root herbal extract 

Please note:

*No substitutions to bundle pack

** DELIVERIES OUTSIDE OF VIC: contact us at [email protected] or call (03) 9645 3356


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