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Detox Cleanse


Please note:

** DELIVERIES OUTSIDE OF VIC: cleanse for $95 per day, including delivery. To book: contact us at [email protected] or call (03) 9645 3356


A predominantly green(e) cleanse and low in fruit. A lighter cleanse option, the focus being a deep clean - alkalising and oxygenating the body with rich green(e) plants.

Download the menu below. Your individual menu may vary based on your needs and goals. [Fructose Friendly (FF) options avaialble.] We will be in touch once you have placed your order to cover any specific needs with you. 

Feel better. Think better. Look better. Your new beginning starts now.


// Boost your cleanse experience by adding a Gotham City [Deep Detox] elixir one hour before you commence your cleanse menu each morning. [See related products below.]



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