Recovery 6 Pack


Big night? We've all been there. Today is a new day and we are here to help you bounce back. Onwards and upwards!

This pack is designed to restore your body with essential fluids, minerals and nutrients and help break down toxins quickly to reduce the lingering effects of last night. Drink up pure goodness. 

Pack also includes a Recovery Guide with our top 5 recovery tips and things to avoid to get back to your best! 

Special price of $49 includes 6 exquisite elixirs specifically selected to support all essential elements of hangover relief. Fructose Friendly menu also available - download menu for full details.

1. Gotham City [Deep Detox] // morning flush

2. Empire State [Life Force Energy] // liver cleanse, immunity, clear skin, vitality

3. The Bronx [Pesonl Power] // liver support, immunity, energy, vitality, iron boost

4. The High Line [Immunity + Glow] // liver cleanse, immunity, bright eyes, clear skin, vitality, anti-inflammatory

5. 95 Greene [Pure Heart] // hydrate, cleanse, purify, eliminate toxins, alkalise, shift fluid retention

6. The Hamptons [Summer in a Bottle] // hydrate, cleanse, fat burner 

Please note:

*No substitutions to 6 pack 

** DELIVERIES OUTSIDE OF VIC: contact us at [email protected] or call (03) 9645 3356


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